BASS Pet Groomer WireBoar Palm

Article number: BAS10452
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Bass Wire Pin & Wild Boar Pet Groomer - Palm

Palm Style Sized with elastic band, molded pins (3/4" L), wild boar bristles. 100% bamboo.

Here's how it works:
The Special sectioned tufting pattern actually acts like 3 brush strokes in one!

  • As you brush your pet's coat with the BASS Pet Groomer, the outer layer of metal pin tufts gently yet thoroughly detangles the coat, removes larger particles, and provides a gentle massaging effect.
  • Next, the middle layer of pure boar conditions the hair by distributing natural oils, leaving a healthy shine and protective layer over your pet's coat.
  • Finally, the outer layer of wire pins passes through the hair once again to smooth and separate the conditioned hair

    The result is a clean, healthy and luxurious coat other brushes simply can't provide.

  • Brush measures 5"L x 2 3/4" W
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