BEST BUY Premium Bully Stick 6in 50ct

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Nature's Own Pet Chews
Premium Bully Sticks
6 inch - 50 ct

Size: 6" x .5" x .3"

All of our Bully Sticks come from food-grade raw material. Food-grade means fit for human consumption. Our Bully Sticks are washed 3 times in warm water to remove excess fluids and are hung vertically to cook. The hanging allows any juices to drip off the pizzle instead of basting into them.

Our Bully Sticks come in 2 sizes, Premium, and Jumbo. These categories are determined by weight, not by size or girth. The heavier the bully stick, the denser it is and the longer it will last.

Our Braided Bullies and Pizzle Swizzles are considered Low-Odor. Because the Braids need to be laid flat to cook to ensure the appearance and quality, and the pizzles are touching each other, we cannot always guarantee an odor-free product. While most of the Braids we produce are odor-free, we label them low odor.

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