BIOGROOM Super Cream Cond 3.7lbs

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BIO-GROOM Super Cream-3.7 Pounds

Atruly remarkable coat conditioning concentrate formula which contains Wheat Germ Oil, Protein, Vitamin E, and other special ingredients that deep condition instantly - leaving the coat shiny and in top condition. Moisturizes and revitalizes the skin to help prevent and relieve dryness and itching. Great for dry, damaged hair. Super Cream is non-irritating, anti-static, and pH balanced to natural skin acidity. Washes easily with Bio-Groom shampoo.


  • Vitamin E Enriched
  • Non-Irritating
  • Anti-Static
  • pH Balanced
  • For Cats and Dogs

    Directions:Super Cream liquefies when the bottle is heated in hot water.

    1. To "put dog in oil":Add 2 heaping teaspoons of Super Cream to a pint of hot water. Stir and mix well until dissolved (when liquefied Super Cream is used, mix about 1 oz. with hot water). Shampoo coat with Bio-Groom shampoo while while solution cools to body temerature. Then saturate the coat with the solution and massage in well. Towel dry the hair, then brush dry.

    2. For matted, tangled hair:Mix equal parts of Super Cream (or liquefied Super Cream) and hot water. Saturate matts and tangles with the warm mixture and leave on hair for 15-29 minutes. Then comb or brush out while hair is still wet. Heavy matted, knotted hair may have to be seperated or sliced. Bathe with Bio-Groom shampoo for a clean, non-oily, and shiny coat. Rinse, dry, and finish grooming.

    3. For routine grooming:To benefit from its special coat and skin conditioning properties, Super Cream can be added to Bio-Groom shampoo. To prepare 1 pint of Super Cream enriched shampoo, dissove about 1/2 oz. of Super Cream in 12 oz. of hot water. Pour into pint size or larger bottle, add 4-5 oz. of Bio-Groom shampoo and shake. Shampoo coat with enriched shampoo. Rinse, dry, and finish grooming as usual. To prepare 1 quart of SUper Cream enriched shampoo, double the above ratio. This super conditioning shampoo mixture reduces brushing time and leaves the coat non-oily, shiny, and in top show condition.

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