COANIMALS Walkezee Harness XL

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ÿCompany of Animals Walkezee Harness XL

  • The Walkezee is designed to reduce pulling and simplify training
  • It works by controlling the dog from the front of the body, turning his chest and shoulders providing effective steering and control
  • There are two points of attachment on the harness, enabling you to walk the dog on either side, just attach your regular lead
  • The specially padded design is comfortable for the dog to wear, allowing free movement of limbs and does not compress the sensitive areas
  • The Walkezee, makes walking easy and is suitable for all breeds of dog

    Available Sizes:

  • XSmall - Chest Size: 370-500mm, Breed: Yorkshire Terrier, Pug
  • Small - Chest Size: 450-600mm, Breed: Welsh Terrier, Jack Russell
  • Medium - Chest Size: 550-750mm, Breed: Beagle, Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel
  • Large - Chest Size: 700-850mm, Breed: Labrador, Retriever, Border Collie
  • XLarge - Chest Size: 800mm +, Breed: Great Dane, Mastiff
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