KONG Kitten Kickeroo

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Kitten Kickeroo Cat Toy
By Kong

Cats LOVE soft things---that's why they always gravitate to the softest spot on your bed or couch. Cats also love to "play fight" or "wrestle" with other cats. It's a natural and healthy part of an active cats life. So, put these together along with a generous amount of "seriously potent " organic catnip and you have Kitty Kickeroos! They're soft, cute, kicking fun and they're for cats only. Tell the dog to get his own toy! Made from soft, durable fabric.

Assorted Colors

Measures: 9"L(w/tail) X 2.5"W

  • Filled with premium catnip
  • Ultra-soft fabric
  • Promotes wrestling and hind paw kicking
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